Wednesday, October 29, 2014

North Cascades Highway

We travel frequently through North Cascades National Park along the North Cascades Highway (State Highway 20) though the highway is closed in winter.  We are usually on our way to eastern Washington and the city of Spokane to see our handicapped son there.  The pictures below were taken at different times this summer as we went that way and were taken at different stops along the way.

August 2
This first set of pictures was taken on a Washington Native Orchid Society field trip.
We stopped at several places along the North Cascades Highway for orchids and scenery.
The last stop was at the power plant near Newhalem, Washington.

Sierra Rein Orchis

Slender Bog Orchis

Hooded Ladies'-tresses
(this was the orchid we had come to see and did see in several locaitons)

August 8
The sunrise was photographed on a another trip to Spokane, Washington.

October 24
These are from a recent trip along the North Cascades Highway
on the way to hiking at Heather Pass.

November 7
Here is a set taken on our last trip of the year through the North Cascades
on our way to hike at Blue Lake.