Monday, June 24, 2013

Whale Watching

In June when one of our grandsons was staying with us he and I went whale watching for a day.  We went out of Anacortes and spent the day searching for whales and especially for Orcas or Killer Whales in Puget Sound.  We saw quite a number of them and enjoyed watching the other ships, the waterbirds and other marine life as we sailed through the San Juan Islands and to different areas of Puget Sound.


Burrow's  Island Lighthouse

The San Juan Islands

Other Whale Watching Boats


The Canadian Navy
(the Captain's joke)

Pigeon Guillemots


Watching the Whale Watchers

Harbor Seals

Bald Eagles

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Highway 20 through the Cascades and Eastern Washington

We make regular trips to eastern Washington to see our handicapped son and three times this spring and summer we went the longer northern route following Highway 20 through North Cascades National Park and then through some of the northernmost areas of our state before crossing the Columbia River and heading towards Spokane.  These are some of the pictures we've taken along the way.

Washington Pass (late April)

Diablo Lake, North Cascades National Park


Sunrise (April)

Glacier Lilies in Washington Pass (April)

Arrowleaf Balsamroot (April)

Ballhead Waterleaf (April)

Upland Larkspur (April)

Slender Bog Orchis (July)

Near Omak (April)

Sinlahekin Wildlife Area (June)

Bitterroot (June)

 Lyall's Mariposa Lily (June)

Scarlet Gilia and Thompson's Paintbrush (June)

 Mountain Lady's Slippers (June)

Columbia Lady's Slipper (June)

Yellow Lady's Slipper (June)

Bonaparte Lake Area (April)

Columbia Virgin's Bower (June)

Unidentified Mushrooms (June)

Eastern Fairy Slipper (June)

Old Cabins (April)

Sherman Pass (April)

Fort Spokane (April)

Camp Growden Memorial (April)

Eastern Washington (April)

California Quail (July)

 Cow Moose (July)

 Western Sheepmoth (July)