Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Columbia River Gorge

When our grandson was with us earlier in the summer, we traveled to Mount St. Helens down to the Columbia River gorge where we did some sightseeing and camped overnight, but the weather was not very good.  We hiked part way up Dog Mountain on the Washington side of the gorge, but the day started very warm but soon turned overcast and rainy and the boys had had enough before we reached the top.  We did manage to get a few pictures of some orchids that were still blooming there, but it has been a very dry summer and poor for wildflowers and native orchids.  The next day we visited Horsetail and Multnomah Falls on the Oregon side of the gorge and after wandering around there and taking some pictures, headed home.  We went home by way of Highway 97 and the last few pictures were taken where the highway crosses Umptanum and Manastash Ridges before dropping down to Ellensburg and the Kittitas Valey.


(Clarkia amoena)

Sean and Jacob

Phantom Orchid
(Cephalanthera austiniae)

Yellow-stemmed form of the Western Spotted Coralroot
 (Corallorhiza maculata var. occidentalis fma. aurea)
Vreeland's Coralroot
(Corallorhiza striata var., vreelandii)


Jacob and Sean

Columbia River Gorge


Horsetail Falls

Multnomah Falls

Washington Again


  1. The cloud photos are stunning.

    I know that patch of Coralroot to me the best part of the trail was the Dog mountain trail woods. I hit it on the down half of the loop. Also interested in what is beyond the junction out to the north

    Next year for sure.

    1. Yes, we intend to get there again next year and really do some serious exploring and hiking. Fabulous place, but this year things were ahead and there wasn't as much blooming as last year.


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