Saturday, June 5, 2010

Farmer's Day Parade, Lynden, June 5, 2010

Saturday was the annual Farmer's Day Parade here in Lynden, our home town. Generally the parade is about agriculture, very important in the area in which live, and the parade includes a great deal of farming equipment, both modern and antique, including tractors of every make and model and many antique tractors, too, even one old steam-powered monster, but the parade includes every other kind of conveyance known to mankind as well. There were people on foot, on bicycles and unicycles, pushing shopping trolleys, riding their lawnmowers, on wagons, horse, carriages, pedal taxis, semis (articulated lorries in the UK), garbage trucks, cars, both modern and antique, a huge papier-mache bee, wooden rocking animals and people of every kind. There were high-school bands, color guards, ballet dancers, cheerleaders, politicians (too many of those), and Dairy Queens. Nearly every business in the area was represented in some fashion and the parade included churches, farm equipment dealers, tradesmen, the checkout girls from the local grocery store pushing shopping trolleys, churches, radio stations, and political organizations, even the local Teaparty. There were people walking in support of different causes and carrying banners and signs - a little bit of everything.


  1. absolutely love the rocking / rolling cow and pig

    and the Bee

    and what a perfect day it was, too

  2. Would rather have been hiking, but son Edward needed rides to and from work and there were other responsibilities around home to take to tend.

  3. Neat series! That orange charger remind me of the "General Lee" from the "Dukes of Hazzard" ;)


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