Monday, November 29, 2010

Galena-Chain Lakes Trail

Several weeks ago, October 21st, a Thursday, my wife and I were able to get away for a little hiking, the last of the year, though we were not certain of that at the time.  We went first to Artist's Point at the end of the Mount Baker Highway and watched the sunrise from there:  We then went back down the mountain a ways to the ski area and hiked from there around Bagley Lakes and up the Galena-Chain Lakes Trail.  I've already posted pictures of the spectacular autumn color that greeted us all along the way:

In this short post I want to show some of the spectacular scenery we saw, since the trail we took gives some of the best views in the North Cascades of Mount Baker and of Mount Shuksan, two of the most prominent peaks in the area.  Mount Baker, at 10,778 feet (3,285 m), is the third-highest mountain in Washington State and the sixth-highest in the Cascade Range and is an active volcano.  Mount Shuksan is 9127 feet (2,782 m), is the most photographed peak in the North Cascades.  Both are covered year around with snow and numerous glaciers.

 Where we started - at the north end of Lower Bagley Lake with Table Mountain to the south.

The trail along the west side of Lower Bagley Lake - early morning.

 Looking back across Lower Bagley Lake to the north.

Along the trail - still early morning.

Mount Shuksan becomes visible to the east with Upper Bagley Lake in the foreground.

 Autumn color along the trail.

As we climb Mount Shuksan looms to the east.

Almost at the top of the ridge with the trail below us and Upper Bagley Lake again visible.

At the top of the ridge Mount Baker visible to the southeast with Chain Lakes below.

 And then back down with clouds moving in and the afternoon wearing on.

Back at Lower Bagley Lake with the bridge for casual walkers in the foreground.

 The stream that connects Upper and Lower Bagley Lakes.

Nearly back to where we started.


  1. You hit the perfect day with the perfect light and color

  2. Very nice views...hope one day will be there to feel the nature.

  3. It was such a wonderful day, Marti - one of those days that you wish would go on forever.

  4. Hey friend, if you are ever out here, we'll take you to some of these incredible places.

  5. Hi Ron... Thanks for your kindness. Just have an experience hiking in some hill at Utah last year in December. Hope will be in WA soon and meet you there.

  6. J'a regardé beaucoup de vos clichés sur votre blog, j'aime vraiment ce que vous faites Ron, les paysages comme tous les sujets sont une merveille à visionner et le rendu est encore meilleur en grande taille sur fond noir.
    Je suis très content de vous connaitre Ron...mais vous le savez depuis le temps :-))
    Salutations de La France.


  7. Thanks ever so much for looking and commenting, my friend.


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