Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 International Plowing Match

"International" may be a bit pretentious, since all the teams and their owners are local, as far as I know, but the annual event is none the less worth attending for all that.  The county we live in is reputed to have more draft horses, teams and eights, than any other county in the United States, and that certainly seemed to be the case Saturday (April 16), the 70th time this event has been held.

The actual event begins at 11:00 am, but it is well worth arriving ahead of time, as I did, to see the horses arriving, being unloaded, groomed and harnessed for the event.  Many of the teams are beautifully gotten up with elaborate decorations, braided manes and beribboned tails, and even the horses seem to know that something special is happening and to be impatient to get on with their business.

There are various classes, adults, ladies, riding plows, youth, best groomed and decorated, with additional awards for various aspects of the plowing.  One goes, however, to see the horses, even mules and ponies (not there this year), and the fact that spectators are allowed to follow the plows and mingle with the horses and their owners makes the event even more special.

The day was changeable, with occasional sprinkles of rain, the sun breaking through at times, but mostly cloudy.  That made the picture taking a bit more difficult, but, these are some of the pictures and a video of the horses, the plowing, the competitors, the spectators, a little bit of everything, not in any particular order, but all reasons why someone would want to attend this event if in the area.

The Experts

We forgot the horses?!

I have to wear this?


Muddy Feet

Even Some Klompen

Rodeo Queen

Grandfather and Grandson

And the video:


  1. OH DARN I missed this yet again!

    I will have to put it on my calendar for next year to remind me to make a weekend of it. I attended many years ago.

    and yes "International" in horse events are considered such when entries from other countries are accepted and their countries national federation accepts the placements / awards in their national standings

  2. I should have let you know, Marti. Now that you've commented, I remember vaguely that y9ou commented a year ago also and expressed an interest, but I'm getting senile and don't remember things very well anymore.


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