Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Derelict Vehicles

One of our favorite places in the county is a home in the foothills of the North Cascades that has old vehicles and derelict machinery all over the property, all of it gradually rusting into oblivion.  On July 27th we went with several family members to do some photography there.

While there we ventured further on to the property and looking through the window of one of the old buildings noticed this rather creepy item in front of another window.  The house is filled with old objects and we had photographed it before, but had never looked in the windows or seen this.

A previous blog post has other pictures of this place and of the machinery there and my son-in-law's Flickr page also has photos:


  1. Hi Ron,

    That creepy item reminds me of this passage in Great Expectations where Pip encounters "A figure all in yellow white, with but one shoe to the feet; and it hung so that I could see that the fading trimmings of the dress were like earthly paper, and the face was Miss Havisham's, with a movement going over the whole countenance as if she were trying to call to me."

    I think you should name that ghostly woman--Miss Havisham.

    The cars are very poetical objects.

  2. Julie, that is exactly what I thought of when I first saw this, but I wasn't sure that people would understand who Miss Havisham was.

  3. Amazing photo session! Thank you for giving me the links. I love these old vehicles!

  4. Thanks for visiting and looking, Mike.


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