Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

In August we camped with out children and grandchildren (some of them) at Turkey Run State Park in central Indiana.  It is a place we had never been before, though some of the others had been there, and we thoroghly enjoyed our time together and the beautiful scenery of the park.

The main feature of the park is an area of sandstone ravines that can be explored by hiking various trails.  It was hard to get good pictures, both because of the deep shadows in the ravines, and because the pictures do not really show how beautiful this area is.

We did a lot of hiking, but also went swimming and tubing in Sand Creek which runs through the park.  Even the smaller grandchildren were able to go since the water is not very deep anywhere along the creek.  Though I used a lot of sunscreen my legs were badly sunburned since it was sunny and warm that day.

The wildflowers were mostly finished but we did see a few as well as a lot of other small nature, including millipedes and the strange caterpillar shown in the pictures below.  I did not have time or opportunity to identify what we saw and have left them unidentified here, even those whose names I knew.

The area is also home to many old covered bridges - it has more than any other part of the country - and there are several of them in the park itself.  We were more interested in hiking and enjoying family, but did manage to get to one of the bridges.


  1. I know you consider yourself an amateur but your photography is utterly amazing, especially that first photo which is so very dramatic.

    I have not yet visited Turkey Run State Park in Indiana but now that I’ve seen your pictures, I’m definitely going to put that on my vacation list because it seems to be one of those place one should never miss.

    Thank you for posting about it.

  2. Thanks, Hanna. I hope you get to Turkey Run. It's an amazing place and we want to go back again. They have both cabins and a beautiful lodge you can stay in and camping as well.

  3. Ron what a wonderful exploration. LOVE the log walking photo and the Jump from Rock photo. Amazing light and color quality.

    And all the creepy crawly things, love them. Looks like the spider has an egg packet?


  4. Hi Marti,
    I see you're still "anonymous." Appreciate the comments, and, yes, the spider did have an egg packet. Scared the wits out of the grandkids when he dropped own in the middle of them from the rocks overhead. You should have heard the screaming and yelling. As to the log walking photo, Wayne is a real clown and had to have his family line up like that for a photo.


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