Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eagle Watching

It seems that there are an extraordinary number of eagles in the area this spring.  They seem to be everywhere and on Saturday the 11th of February, my wife, Edward, and I went out with our cameras looking for eagles to photograph.  It was a decent day and we saw a fair number of them, though not in the areas we expected, and did get a few photos.

We also saw a lot of Trumpeter Swan which winter in the fields here and were able to get some photos of them also.  Managed, too, to get a few shots of a Red-tailed Hawk which was sitting on a fence, and we stopped at various other locations as well to get pictures of whatever took our fancy, old barns, a pond, some views of the area farmlands, etc.


  1. I love that red barn. The green barn is decently decrepit and yet it glows. The blue of the truck is a delight.
    That smoky field is such a layered picture Ron.
    All those trees are rich compositions despite their being utterly bare. I just love snags and to have one stuck in water is a bonus.

    And the birds! How you capture them without getting a bird-smear is beyond me. The two swans with their curled parchment wings make such a shivery picture.

    The eagles look suitably American Ron. I am afraid our Canadian beavers aren't a match for them.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments, Julie. I was actually a bit disappointed with my pictures. There are days, just like with writing, when it just doesn't come together. Waiting for better weather and more inspiration.

  2. Ron,
    Your ugliest pictures are my best.
    And you have a good eye for a pose.
    The eagles look awfully judgmental-- I would not want to be in the court with them.

    1. You are right about the eagles, Julie. Close up those hooked beaks and "eagle" eyes are rather daunting.


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