Monday, July 23, 2012

Chihuly Garden and Glass

For our anniversary we decided to go to Seattle to see the new Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition near the Space Needle.  Tickets were around $20 and we are usually not inclined to spend that kind of money on museums and exhibits, but we had seen pictures a friend had taken and decided to go, figuring that if the exhibition were a disappointment there were other things we could do in Seattle.  We went prepared to be disappointed in spite of the pictures we had seen but were certainly not disappointed.

The indoor exhibits were found in a number of different rooms beginning with the Glass Forest.  From there one moved to the Northwest Room, the Sealife Room, the Persian Ceiling, Mille Fiori, the Ikebana and Float Boats, the Chandeliers and  Macchia Forest.  The exhibits were all incredible but the Persian Ceiling and Mille Fiori were my favorites.  Outdoors the gardens surrounded the Glasshouse with its enormous hanging sculptures. and glimpses of the Space Needle and outdoors sculptures.

Glass Forest

Northwest Room

Sealife Room

Persian Ceiling

Mille Fiori (Thousand Flowers)

Ikebana and Float Boats


Macchia Forest


The outdoor gardens and exhibits featured a mix of living plants and glass objects and sculptures.  We enjoyed this part of the exhibition the most though the day was hot and sunny and photography somewhat difficult (this was the only sunny day we had for several weeks).  One nice thing about the outdoor exhibit was its location with the Space Needle looming overhead.  The central sculpture of the outdoor exhibit was the huge "Sun," though there were other larger sculptures as well.

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