Monday, August 13, 2012

Crater Lake National Park

Our last stop on our trip to Oregon and California was Crater Lake National Park in Central Oregon.  We arrived there just before sundown and in spite of the mosquitoes managed to get a few pictures of the sunset before finding a place to park our van and sleep for the night.  We found a place not far from the west entrance to the National Park and went to sleep hoping the mosquitoes would not be so bad by daylight.

They were just as bad the next morning when we drove back into the park.  I have seldom seen so many mosquitoes, and even though we ventured out of the van only for a few hurried photos we were covered with bites and each time had to kill the mosquitoes that found their way into the van.  We were told that snow melt time is always the worst in the park and that later in the year they would not be so abundant.

West Rim

My Partner in Crime

That, of course, was little consolation to us, but in spite of them we did the West Rim Drive and then most of the East Rim Drive, enjoying the scenery and getting what pictures we could.  The place is stunningly beautiful, especially in the early morning light and we enjoyed the scenery from the protection of the van, the lake-filled crater, Wizard Island, the melting snow and the harsh outlines of the crater rim.

East Rim


  1. Loved that photograph of the tree Ron (#5). Also #8.

    This must have been a gorgeous trip (despite the bugs).
    I'm glad you both made it home after your Robson hike.

    There are just so many accidents along the highways and it is partly because (I think) folks are tired.

    You both have such amazing stamina to travel like this!

    1. Thanks, Julie, for the comments. As to stamina, we are off Saturday for another major hike in the mountains, but as I get older it is harder and harder to move this old body out of chair and get it going.


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