Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm out of hiking pictures to post and since winter arrived  haven't had much time anyway for posting on any of the blogs or much opportunity for photography.  November and December were mostly rainy and grey and we managed only one excursion for photography

Magnolias do well in our climate and many folk have in their yards and the city has also planted many of them in the city park.  We often go out in the spring just to photograph them and these are some of the pictures we've taken over the past years here and elsewhere.

These were taken around Lynden, the town where we live, in the city park, but also in the city of Vancouver during our many excursions there to see our daughter who lived there for two years, to see the 2010 Winter Olympics and just to enjoy that beautiful city.

Note: these are posted with little regard for order of any kind and with no attempt at identification.  My identifications would be tentative at best and incomplete.  Those who know what they are can label them in their own minds and those who don't can just enjoy the pictures.

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