Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sehome Hill Arboretum

Sehome Hill Arboretum is in Bellingham and borders the campus of Western Washington University.  It is an undeveloped park of 180 acres of second growth forest and  has a rich variety of native plants and trees.  It is called an arboretum but was never deliberately planted as such.  It has about five miles of trails and we go there to walk and look for native orchids, in this case for Fairy Slippers, which we found along with some Western Spotted Coralroots that were beginning to bloom.

Western Fairy Slippers

Western spotted Coralroot

We went the afternoon of April 26th, a Friday and hiked not only the main trails but also some of the side trails and it was on those we found the orchids along with other wildflowers and natural history treasures.  The day was cloudy but warm and we took plenty of time for pictures before going on to Coconut Kenny's for our supper and a quiet evening at home.  Perhaps because it was Friday the park was not busy, though there were a few students running and walking the trails.

Old Automobile Tunnel
(now open only to pedestrians)

The Trail and My Hiking Companion

Unidentified Beetle

Sword Fern

Moss Carving
(this is near a college campus)

Western Trillium

Mushroom and Red Elderberry

Log Carving


  1. bug might be Black Lamyrid "Ellychnia hatchi"

    They belong to the lightning bug family but they have not paid the power bill so they don't light up.

    1. Thanks for the ID, Marti. I am hopeless when it comes to insects. Don't have any good references either. Perhaps you have something to recommend.


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