Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Early Winter in the North Cascades and Eastern Washington

On Thanksgiving Day, November 28, we traveled to eastern Washington, though not the nicest way to spend the day.  The day was a disappointment especially because we intended to go out for dinner together but found nothing open and ended up eating food from a gas station for our dinner, myself a dried out burrito and my wife a couple of fried chicken legs.  We thought we would make up for the disappointment of not being with friends or family on the day by taking the North Cascades Highway, a very scenic route, through the mountains, but by the time we got to the mountains the sun was already setting and though we were able to get some good pictures, traveled most of the way in the dark.  These are the pictures we took, mostly taken by my wife who had forgotten her camera and was using mine.

The next day when in Medical Lake, Washington, our destination, my wife went for a walk and took these pictures, again with my camera.  The day was cold and there was a lot of hoarfrost on everything which made for some spectacular pictures, but the weather with predication of freezing rain forced us to leave early, though the predictions proved wrong.  In any case, these are some of the pictures  she took, rather spectacular pictures, in my opinion and well up to her usual standard.  I especially like the monochrome tones of many of the pictures, ins some cases with a hint of color as well that in the pictures looks like they were selectively edited for color.

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