Monday, November 18, 2013

Stanley Park, Vancouver (Part 3, Lost Lagoon)

These photos are from Lost Lagoon, a part of Stanley Park, taken on a mostly foggy day.  We spent the day wandering the eastern end of the park around the waterfront and harbor and took so many pictures that I've not been able to put them all in one post.

There were a lot of birds, none of them rare or unusual and we took photos of them all.  They are Glaucous-winged Gulls, Great Blue Herons, Mute Swans, American Coots, Mallards, Pintails, Pelagic Cormorants, Canadian Geese, Common Crows, and a Red-shafted Flicker. 

We did see a Great Blue Heron snatch a Dragonfly out of the air and eat it and managed to get pictures of it as well.  He held the insect in his beak for quite some time before flipping it around and eating it.  The Mute Swans are not native to the USA and Canada.



  1. You have some really beautiful wildlife and autumn shots in this set.... Nice work!! I especially like the one with the water feature, autumn trees in the background and mountains behind them... Just a wonderfully composed shot =)

    1. Thanks ever so much for the kind comments, Fizzie.


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