Monday, October 28, 2013

Wallace Falls State Park

On October 26 we hiked with friends at Wallace Falls State Park in the Cascades.  The park is near the town of Gold Bar just off Highway 2 and on the west and wetter side of the Cascades and of Stevens Pass.  The park is known for its beautiful falls along the Wallace River, three main falls and a number of smaller cascades and falls.  Though the day we hiked was overcast, the falls were very beautiful and the day perfect for photographing them.  The other highlight of the day was the abundance of mushrooms and fungi that we found along the trail most of which I've attempted to identify.


Small Falls

Wallace River

North Fork Wallace River


Lower Falls

Middle Falls

Upper Falls


Pholiota mutabilis

Amanita farinosa

Stropharia ambigua

Psilocybe cyanescens

Xeromphalina campanella

Amanita gemmata

Hygrocybe miniata

Amanita pachycolea

Fomitopsis pinicola

Clitocybe nuda

Russula bicolor

Alloclavaria purpurea

Boletus chrysenteron

Mycena acicula

Amanita constricta

Russula nigricans

Pholiota decorata

Pholiota destruens

Pholiota squarrosoides



  1. excellent as always
    I love the pholiota group. I love how they decorate like everywhere is a Disney fantasy or the imagination of a cake shop. When I see them I think of Yule Logs.

    What reference book are you using for mushroom?

    1. Hi Marti,
      The mushrooms were incredible on this hike. I've never seen anything like it and it has spurred me on to find out more about them. I haven't found a good book for mushrooms of this area, though. Do you know of anything? I'm using some pretty good on-line stuff, and taking a lot of pictures, but some of these Id's are really tentative in spite of all that.


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