Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowshoeing at Artist's Point (Part 3)

Another snowshoeing trip to the Mount Baker area.  Edward (our youngest son) saw my pictures of the last excursion and wanted to go.  The weather report was good and we, hoping to catch the sunrise from Artist's Point left at 5:00 am and were on the way up to Artist's Point by 6:30 am while it was still dark.  As the sky lightened it became more obvious that clouds were moving in and by the time we were at the top only occasional openings in the clouds allowed us to see the sunrise or the surrounding peaks.  We took enough photographs for a post anyway, but did not go to the top of Table Mountain as we had planned since we concluded that the views would not be any better up there.

Mount Baker
(the only glimpse we had of the peak - the other shots are of the surrounding area)

Mount Shuksan

Table Mountain

The Sunrise

Ross Lake

The Snow

The Trees



  1. Wow... the first pic is a money shot. Great captures of the light and the landscape. I like how pristine the area looks. You certainly give a brilliant impression of that. I wish we had that kind of weather. We did not have a winter yet.
    Though it is not too bad, since the first flowers start to bloom here.


    1. Thanks, Martin. Goat Mountain is about three-quarters of the way up to this area. Perhaps, if there's time.... In any case. We have not had much winter either - a bit of snow just before Christmas and some cold weather and that is about it. Even the mountains, where these shots were taken, are not getting as much snow as usual, though there's rain predicted all week and that will probably bring snow in the mountains.


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