Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pass Island and Rosario Beach

The same day we visited Northern State Hospital, my wife and I went on to the area of Deception Pass to see the Grass Widows (Olsynium douglasii), and whatever other wildflowers we could find blooming.  There wasn't much in bloom beside the Grass Widows and Spring Gold (Lomatium utriculatum), but the Grass Widows, some of our earliest wildflowers, were already past their peak.

We photographed them on Pass Island, the steep-sided island that divides Deception Pass and Canoe Pass and went on from there to nearby Rosario Beach where we took a few photos as well both of the sunset and of the tide pools.  We had a good day and after going to Boundary Bay, a microbrewery in Bellingham, went on the way home, satisfied in every respect.


  1. Love the urchin shot

    heading to our favorite park tomorrow for the early delights. Fawns should be up, probably slippers as well

    1. We are probably going to go on Monday - perhaps there and Sharpe Park. Thanks for looking.


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