Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Snowshoeing at Artist's Point Again

On March 31st we went with a small group to the Mount Baker area to do some snowshoeing, the third time this winter for me, but the first time for my wife who enjoyed the experience immensely.  The day was sunny and warm and we soon found the winter clothing we had worn unnecessary.  We talked about snowshoeing up to the top of Table Mountain, but were not sure about avalanche conditions and in the end decided just to go to Artist's Point and back.  The Cascades have had an extraordinary amount of snow this winter (the average snowfall for Mount Baker is over 700 inches) and we found over a foot of new snow when we were there and a great deal more than when I had been there last time.

Table Mountain
(starting from the ski area Table Mountain dominates the view)

Mount Larrabee and the Border Peaks
(these are to the north and are behind as one hikes up to Artist's Point)

Herman Saddle
(Herman Saddle is a pass that goes to Chain Lakes and Galena Lake)

Mount Shuksan and Shuksan Arm
(headed up to Artist's Point, Mount Shuksan becomes visible to one's left)

Mount Baker
(Mount Baker is not visible until one reaches Artist's Point)

Ross Lake
(just visible from Artist's Point to the east of Mount Baker)

(my wife and the others we hiked with, two who live here and three visiting them from Michigan)

(Mount Baker has had 719 inches of snow this winter)

(the trees were snow-covered on the way up to Artist's Point but most had fallen by the time we descended)


  1. So many beautiful winter photos!! Scenes like these illustrate why I love snow so much =) Can't wait to see more of these shots over at ip.....

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Fizzie.


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