Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rosario Beach to Bowman Beach

After spending the morning at Sharpe Park (see previous post), we went to Bowman Beach near Deception Pass for a picnic lunch and after lunch drove a little further up the coast of Fidalgo Island and hiked from Rosario Beach back to Bowman Beach.  That took most of the afternoon and after getting our evening meal at a restaurant we went on home.  The trail, though neither long nor difficult, was very nice, and one we will certainly do again.

These photos were taken at Bowman's Bay where we had our lunch.
The mountains in the background are the Olympics.

The statue is at Bowman's Bay and is a memorial to the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Along the trail - the Lichens appear to be the Common Witch's Hair, Alectoria sarmentosa.

 The Scotch Broom, Cytisus scoparius, is not a native
 and is very invasive in some areas.

We are not at all sure what fungus this is,
but thought it might be a Bolete, Boletus edulis, that had been knocked over.

The Pacific Madrones, Arbutus menzesii, were magnificent in the late afternoon light,


and so were the other trees, Western Hemlocks, Tsuga heterophylla, and Shore Pines, Pinus contorta,
many of them hanging out over the bluffs.

We found quite a few Western fairy Slippers, Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis, but few other wildflowers:

some Beach Strawberries, Fragaria chiloensis,

a few Harsh Paintbrush,Castilleja hispida,

and some Hairy Rockcress.

The evergreen leaves of the Giant Rattlesnake Orchis, Goodyera oblongifolia, were everywhere,
but they will not be blooming until July and August.


  1. Beautiful series from this magnificent location!! All the shots are neat, but I'm especially fond of the scenic ones and the wildflowers =) The fairy slippers are especially charming!

    1. Thanks, Fizzie. It's a wonderful place - the whole area around Deception Pass is wonderful as you probably know.


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