Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Banff and Jasper National Parks

After a morning visit to Lake Louise and after being chased away by the crowds we continued north up the Icefields Parkway through Banff and Jasper National Parks.  We stopped often for photos both of the scenery and of the wildlife but the parks were very busy and we did not linger anywhere.

One of the first stops was at Herbert Lake,

and another at Hector Lake with Daley and Balfour Peaks in the background,
and the Waputik Icefield just visible and Dolomite Peak (I think) across the way.

There were so many peaks that we gave up trying to find out all the names.

We spent some time at the overlook for Crowfoot Glacier and Bow Lake,

and at Peyto Lake further up the road.

We had lunch near Silverhorn Creek and drove on from there.

At the crossing of the North Saskatchewan River and the junction with Highway 11
there was a wildfire burning which we went to investigate.
That, however, is the subject of another post.

We made several more stops while still in Banff,
crossing into Jasper at Sunwapta Pass.

We made the obligatory stop at the Columbia Icefields,
but it was very busy and we did not stay long.
In fact, we were tired and hurried on through the park to Jasper town,
stopping only to photograph some Mountain Goats along the road.
After an iced coffee in Jasper we continued on to Mount Robson,
where we spent the night, intending to hike there the next day.

Later on, coming through Jasper again,
we photographed some Elk in the river, some Bighorn Sheep and a Moose.

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