Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snowshoeing at Artist's Point.

We were back at our favorite spot for snowshoeing on Thursday, January 29.  Artist's Point is not only a high altitude location that is easily accessible but provides some of the most fantastic scenery in the North Cascades, with Mount Baker to the south, Mount Larrabee and the Border Peaks to the north, Mount Shuksan to the east, and Table Mountain to the west..  We went with a couple (and their puppy, Charlie) who recently moved here and were showshoeing for the first time.  It was a gloriously beautiful day with some clouds moving in and out, but mostly sunshine and unseasonable warm weather.  We climbed to the highest point, had our lunch and a cup of hot coffee at the top and then headed back down.  We had enough snow for snowshoeing and there were skiers out as well, but the area has had very little snowfall this winter and the ski resorts are suffering as a result.  That did not, however, trouble us.

starting up with Table Mountain in the distance

Herman Saddle to the west of Table Mountain

Mount Larrabee and the Border Peaks to the north

Table Mountain again

first view of Mount Shuksan to the east

our destination in the distance

Mount Shuksan and Shuksan Arm now visible

at the top near Table Mountain

looking back

 Mount Baker

Baker Lake to the southeast

Shuksan, Baker and Larrabee with the Border Peaks

more of Mount Baker

lenticular cloud over Baker

 Shuksan, Table Mountain and Baker from the top

the trail from above


my wife waiting below the highest point

Mount Shuksan

clouds moving in over Table Mountain

to the southeast

Gray Jays

Larrabee and the Border Peaks

at the top

Mount Baker in the clouds

Shuksan Arm

clearing again

headed back down after lunch and coffee at the top

last views of Shuksan

Herman Saddle

Table Mountain and Upper Bagley Lake

Upper Bagley Lake



  1. Fantastic series of photographs of a wonderful place. Sure Charlie enjoyed the ride! Hugs

    1. Thanks for the kind comments and visit, Angel.


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