Monday, June 8, 2015

Orchid Hunting in North Central Washington

We've visited several areas in north-central Washington recently to see some of the native orchids that grow there and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  At one site we found both the Eastern Fairy Slipper and a hybrid of the Eastern and Western Fairy Slippers.  At another site we saw a mixed population of plants that appeared to include both the Mountain Lady's Slipper, the Large Yellow Lady's Slipper and their natural hybrid, the Columbia hybrid Lady's Slipper, though all of these plants very likely are hybrids with more or less of each of the parents.  Along with the orchids, as always, we found plenty of other things to photograph.

Bonaparte Lake

Mcloskey Violet

 unidentified Sedge or Rush

 Western Virgin's Bower (Clematis)

 guttation (sweating) on Polypores


 Connors Lake


White Campion (non-native)

Common Yarrow

unidentified lupine

 Canada Thistle (non-native)

 Blue Lake

Black Hawthorne

Sinlahekin Natural Area

 female Western Bluebird

Mule Deer

Eastern Fairy Slipper

Kostiuk's Hybrid Fairy Slipper

Columbia Hybrid Lady's Slipper

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