Monday, July 13, 2015

Hiking Near Juneau

One of our scheduled stops while on the Alaska Ferry from Bellingham to Whittier was at Juneau.  We were only supposed to be there for a couple of hours, but ended up with over an eight hour delay due to mechanical problems on the ferry (our trip was finally aborted at Juneau and we went directly to Whittier missing several stops and a planned visit to Kodiak Island).  We used the time at Juneau to do some hiking, following first the Spaulding trail and then also hiking the Auke Nu trail which intersects the former.  It was beautiful sunny day and we found plenty to keep us occupied including several native orchids, though the hike itself was nothing out of the ordinary.

the lower part of the Spaulding trail we hiked went through open marshy ground

the upper part of the trail was in the forest

unidentified spider

Large-awned Sedge

 False Lily-of-the Valley leaves

Swamp Gentian and Deer Cabbage

 Red-breasted Sapsucker

Slender Bog Orchis

Narrow-leaved Cotton Grass

 Auke Nu trail

 Tall Northern White Bog Orchis

 Four-spotted Skimmer

 Sticky False Asphodel


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