Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mount Dickerman

"His might sets fast the mountains."

On September 22 the weather forecasts promised a sunny day, and my wife and I took off and went hiking.  We chose Mount Dickerman in the Glacier Peak region of the North Cascades as our destination for its promised views of the surrounding peaks including Glacier Peak, one of the active volcanoes in the Cascades.  The views at the top were worth the climb, though barely, and in spite of the partly cloudy weather, so different from what had been forecast.

We had an early start and that was good thing since the first part of the trail climbs nearly 3000 feet in two miles though fifty-five switchbacks (I counted them on the way down).  This was a bit more than we had counted on, but we persevered and reached the top in time for lunch, before heading back down.  In all the trail climbed 4000 feet in a little over four miles, but the steepest part of the trail was brutal in our out-of-shape condition and we were happy to be on our way home.

The high points of the hike were the wonderful autumn colors, the blueberries and huckleberries which were abundant, as well as the views at the top.  The blueberries and huckleberries were past their peak in some spots, having been touched by frost, but in the more sheltered areas were still delicious and we had our fill of them.  Hot coffee and a hot meal at the top while enjoying the scenery were an added plus and something my wife insists on when we go hiking.

 early morning on the trail

 Big Four Peak

 Sloan Peak

 Perry Creek

 Queen's Cup

 unidentified fungi

 Vine Maple

 Giant Rattlesnake Orchis

Morning Star and Sperry Peaks

Cow Parsnip

old snag along the trail

Del Campo, Morning Stat and Sperry Peaks

 the trail


 Sitka Mountain Ash

view west from the last ridge

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Mount Forgotten

 Three Fingers


 Big Four

autumn color

Big Four and the trail

 east and southeast

 Monte Cristo


 the last part of the trail

more autumn color

near the top

 Mount Forgotten

 Sooty Grouse

 Sitka Mountain Ash

the summit

 the hikers

Mount Forgotten

Lost Creek Ridge

Monte Cristo

 Lyall's Goldenweed (I think)

 back down

Sooty Grouse

unidentified mushrooms, probably Russulas


 panorama from the top of Mount Dickerman

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