Monday, February 20, 2017

The Palouse

We traveled to eastern Washington on Friday, January 13, and drove an hour out of our way to visit Palouse Falls State Park.  We arrived around sunrise and were disappointed to find the road to the park closed by snow and ice.  We watched the sunrise from the entrance to the park and then headed north to our final destination, stopping along the way to take some pictures of the area known as the Palouse.

The Palouse is an area of hills and prairie that is mainly used for growing wheat.  It covers southeastern Washington, north-central Idaho and northeastern Oregon.  The origin of the name "Palouse" is uncertain but may come from the French word for a land of short, thick grass.  It is a scenic area at any season and the falls at the State Park are magnificent.  We hoped to see them with all the winter ice but will have to go back for that.

sunrise at Palouse Falls State Park

wheat country

abandoned house and barns

February photos of Palouse

Steptoe Butte

more of the Palouse

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