Friday, December 24, 2010

Andre Rieu Concert

These are pictures from the Andre Rieu concert in Vancouver, British Columbia, that my wife and I attended several weeks ago.  We had been given tickets as a 35th wedding anniversary gift by our children, along with a hotel room in the area of Roger's Arena where the concert was held.  After spending the day exploring the city, we enjoyed our evening at the concert and the time off from the daily grind.

This video was hand-held. I did not have my tripod along, nor would I have had room to use it. It does give an idea, however, of the type of music we heard and the wonderful evening we experienced.  I wish now that I had taken more video, but was having trouble holding the camera still and gave up on the recording.


  1. Great photos. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I will see André in May here in Australia.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    We have a number of his DVD's and have seen his concerts on public television, but this was the first time live. I'm sure you'll enjoy his visit in May.


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