Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Around Vancouver

We live just south of the Canadian border about an hour from the city of Vancouver.  We also have a daughter working and doing research there, though only until January, so we get there fairly frequently, but not do not very often have a lot of time to see and explore the city.

This month (December) on two occasions I was able to spend a day there and had opportunity to wander around the city and see some of the sights and take some pictures.  These are some of the pictures taken on those occasions.

I was there with my wife on the 9th of December for a concert.  For our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary our children had given us tickets to an Andre Rieu concert and had also gotten us a hotel room near Rogers Arena where the concert was held.

We went up to Vancouver that morning and spent the day wandering around the city.  We walked first across the city to a Greek restaurant, Stepho's, recommended by our daughter and had a late lunch there.  We then walked north to the waterfront and explored that area before returning to our hotel room.


The concert that evening was wonderful and after the concert we wandered around a bit more (in the rain), had a bite to eat and cup of coffee at Starbucks, before returning to our hotel and a relaxing and comfortable room there.

Two days later my wife and son left to see her parents in Michigan and while they were there I spent another day in Vancouver.  Bored and lonely, I went up on Friday, December 17th, to stay a night with my daughter and go skiing.

In the end we did not go skiing, but used some free tickets she had been given to go to Christmas concert put on by Chor Leoni, a Vancouver men's choir.  Pictures were not allowed at that concert, but I spent the day exploring the city and visiting the Vancouver Aquarium.

I arrived at her apartment early, before she left for work and left shortly thereafter and walked across the Cambie Bridge and then along the seawall to Stanley Park and the aquarium.  I spent several hours at the Aquarium before walking back to her apartment.


After going out to supper with her at a Chinese restaurant and then attending the concert, which was wonderful, I spent the night at her apartment before returning home the next morning to take care of some work that needed doing.


  1. LOVE the Lego Orca

    I have never spent time in Vancouver, for the life of me I don't know why.

    It is a great "eating" town

  2. Hi Ron, Happy 35th Anniversary, Hope everything going well and full of happiness ;-) Your pictures very beautiful. I also wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Marti, Vancouver is well worth a visit and as you say, is a great eating town. We have a bunch of favorite restaurants there, including Stephos.

  4. And my friend from Malaysia - thanks for the good wishes and a very blessed Christmas and New Year to you and yours.

  5. Ron, thanks for the trip to Van, how I miss it. Although we may get back sooner than later this time, our friends insist we need to visit more often.

  6. Hope that if you come this way we have opportunity to meet. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Vancouver is a lovely city.


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