Friday, May 6, 2011

Washington Park Again

We have had the worst spring here that I can remember - endless rain and cold weather with very few decent days. Yesterday was the second coldest day on record for the date (May 6th), and we have not had a day without rain this week. The mountains are still snowed in and everything is way behind schedule.

Yesterday afternoon things did dry out, though the sun never appeared and it was still chilly. Feeling like I was going to go crazy if I didn't get out, I headed for Washington Park in Anacortes for a few hours. Arriving about 5:00, I hiked the trails around the edge of the park looking for wildflowers and anything else of interest, finishing my brief trek at about 7:00.

The Fairy Slippers were still blooming, though many had begun to go by and set seed. The Common Camas had begun to bloom, so I concentrated on getting pictures of those along with some of the Fairy Slippers. Found some mushrooms also - not surprising in view of the wet weather - but not a lot else to photograph. It was good to be out for a little, though.

Fading Fairy Slipper

Common Camas

Red Banded Polypore

Couldn't resist some more pictures of the Shooting Stars which were growing right along the edge of the rocks near the sea.  They were starting to go by as well, but were still making a brave show.  Ended with a few timed exposures of the wavelets on the rocks and then headed out for a Deschutes Black Porter and home.  Had at least a few hours of being outdoors and seeing some of the spring wildflowers.  Hope the weather changes and very soon!

Few Flowered Shooting Stars


  1. Love the wave photo and look at how the shooting stars have shot up!!!

    I am heading over to Yakima tomorrow. I am hoping for no rain and little else

    Snow Mountain Ranch, part of the Cowechie Canyone Conservency properties.

    Put this on your must do. I blogged it last year.

  2. I have it in my must visit places - perhaps next week since we have to go down that way. Thanks for the comment. I am really taken with Washington Park - it's fast becoming one of my favorite quick trips.


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