Thursday, March 21, 2013

Skagit Valley Daffodils

The daffodils are just starting in the fields of the Skagit Valley bulb growers and we were out there briefly this past Monday.  Here are a few pictures, but I'll be adding more pictures when we return in the next few weeks.


  1. I think I know which field this is.

    Did you go over to Washington Park as well?

    1. We didn't. We explored Sharpe Park instead, a place we have to get back to and explore some more. Have you been there? It's just south of Anacortes and really a neat place.

  2. How nice!
    Always good to see some fresh color in spring.
    Funny enough, last easter I drove 300km one way to see a wild daffodil meadow. Actually there are only very few spots left of those in Germany. Later I learned, that there is one 25km from my home, which is much smaller, yet would have been so much easier to reach. But the trip was still nice. I got to see beautiful flowers and visited Aachen for the first time, a very old german town. Aachen is famous for the Cathedral, which is a world heritage site. Built in 800AD it has hosted the coronation of 30 kings until the ceremony moved to Frankfurt.
    Anyways... I am getting carried away. I love daffodils. We also call them Osterglocken / Easterbells, which is quite fitting. This year might be one of the few years in recent history, where we actually do not have the conditions to see any on easter. Too cold, where lagging about 3 weeks behind the usual flowering dates.

    Still... I wish you and your family a very happy easter!


    P.S.: Pics from last easter: Wild Daffodils in the last four pictures.

    1. How nice to hear from you, Martin. Spring seemed delayed here also, but now it is coming with a rush. The weather has turned sunny6 and warm and everything is bursting into bloom. South of where we live the Skagit Valley is the home of numerous bulb growers, many of them originally from Holland, and is very colorful in the spring.

    2. Indeed that is one thing Holland takes pride in. I have yet to visit the famous Tulip fields tho.
      The wild tulips will probably start to bloom in 3-4 weeks here just before the orchid season.

    3. The tulips will be out here in a couple of weeks and the Fairy Slippers will be starting to bloom by the end of April. Some of the earliest wildflowers are out already, however, and we plan to do some hiking on Monday to see and photograph them.


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