Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Walks

We are finally getting some sunny and dry weather
and several times in the last few weeks we've been out for a walk around the neighborhood,
photographing some of the new growth and spring flowers.
With the warmer weather everything is bursting into bloom and only a few reminders of winter are left.
These are some of the photos we took, and they are in no particular order.

The Indian Plums are some of the first wildflowers to bloom, usually in mid-late March.

We see them along Fishtrap Creek which runs through the town and the town park.

The Salmonberries are starting are starting to bloom along the creek at the same time.

So are the violets.

The trees are just starting to put out new growth
and around the neighborhood the flowering trees are budding.

The crocuses are at their peak or finishing, the daffodils are starting,
the first of the rhododendrons are blooming,
and many of the other spring flowers are also blooming in the yards and gardens.

A week later and the flowering trees and shrubs are in bloom, the Magnolias are budding,
and spring is well on the way.


  1. salmonberry feels late this year. I finally saw some in bloom at washington park

    didnt hear any Rufus Hummers, though. I waited by the Red Currant at the strat of theroad, but no zippy birds.

    1. It's a strange spring. Everything feels like it should be early, but I think you are right that not only the Salmonberry, but other flowers as well, are late. It certainly is good, though, to see some color and some sunshine after a very long and dull winter.

  2. Great shots!! Interesting how you guys are so much further into spring than we are here -- considering your climate is usually cooler. I think we've got about 3wks. to go to catch up to where things are at your end. Our Magnolias, for example, aren't even showing bud color yet. Trees are nowhere near leafing out either. Strange weather these past few years... hehe... ~Fizzie~

    1. Things are late here, too, but seem to be catching up very quickly. We're wondering what late spring and summer will bring as far as the wildflowers are concerned. We're thinking they'll probably be early, but who really knows. You are right, too, about the weather the last few years. Our winters have been exceptionally mild and our summers exceptionally hot and dry.

  3. This spring is indeed very late. We are about 3 weeks behind the usual blooming season. We have a rather stable north-east weather condition bringing frosty temperatures and even snow in the eastern parts of the country. Slowly however, nature awakens from its sleep. It is heartwarming to see spring pictures from other countries too. Something that keeps us going through the bad weather. This will be a very strange season. I am giving up hope for seeing the Calypso during my scandinavia trip, since I put my bets on an early spring. Yet you never know what will be the outcome in the end.

    1. Sorry to hear that your trip to Scandanavia will probably not give you the opportunity to see the Fairy Slippers. We have the same problem; plans do not always coincide with blooming times. You'll just have to visit the Pacific Northwest again to see them.

      As to spring, things seem to be coming in a rush now and it looks like a lot of the orchids will probably be early. We were out hiking (thus the delay in responding) and found wildflowers in bloom that are usually not blooming until late April or May.


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