Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowshoeing at Artist's Point (Part 2)

The second time this season I went snowshoeing I went by myself since everyone else was busy, including my wife.  The day was sunny, warm and cloudless and I went as far as the ridge above Artist's Point.  I left early in the morning and was out on my snowshoes before the sun rose.  The light as it caught the peaks and snow was awesome and it was difficult to stop taking pictures.  The two and half mile climb took me only an hour and I stayed several hours at the top taking pictures before heading home for coffee and lunch.


Mount Larabee and the Border Peaks

 Table Mountain

Herman Pass

Mount Baker

Ross Lake and the North Cascades

Mount Shuksan


Snow and Trees



  1. Replies
    1. This is something you have to do, Marti, if you've not done it before. It's no harder than walking or hiking and so different from spring or summer in the mountains. Edward and I are planning to go again this Saturday and climb Table Mountain.

  2. Wow, what a landscape. I can see, why they call it Artist's point. A true Washington scenery highlight again.
    Never been Snowshoeing myself, but then we didn't have any snow this winter and we're from 50° north. Crazy warm winter here.
    Anyways: very impressive pictures.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Martin. Interestingly, we are having a very mild winter as well, with almost no snow and especially last week, very mild temperatures, and this while the rest of the company is having one of the hardest winters ever. I hope that the early and nild weather does not affect our plans for this summer unduly.


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