Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snowshoeing at Artist's Point (Part 1)

I've been up snowshoeing twice this month, once at the beginning of the month with family members and a friend and once at the end of the month by myself.  Both excursions were to the Mount Baker Ski resort from which one can snowshoe to Artist's Point, a viewpoint from which there are grand views of Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan and the surrounding peaks.  Artist's Point is drivable in the summer, but the road is closed in the winter and the viewpoint is accessible only on skis or snowshoes.

The first excursion was on a foggy and snowy day and we did not go as far as Artist's Point.  The other members of the party were not up to the whole trek which has some rather steep areas and we only made it as far as the ridge above Austin Pass.  In fact, my daughter was carrying her baby in a front pack, so she had an even harder time of it.  Even though the day was cloudy there were some opportunities for photos and those which turned out well enough to post I've included here.

The Snow and the Trees

The Trekkers
(I'm the dude with the red hat in the second picture)

Table Mountain

Austin Pass

Some Detail Shots

More Snow and Trees


  1. The snow makes a beautiful mountain scene look even more beautiful =) Nice shots! Especially looking forward to seeing the Austin Pass one over at IP!

    1. Thanks, Fizzie. The comments are much appreciated.


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