Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fort Ebey, Fort Casey and Fort Worden

In May we did our annual camping trip with a group of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, this year to the coastal forts on Whidbey Island and the Olympic Peninsula.  We camped at Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island and visited both Fort Casey, also on Whidbey Island, and Fort Worden near Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula.  There was also a brief stop at Deception Pass.  I didn't take a lot of pictures and what I took is a hodge-podge of different things, but here they are.

We were camped on the bluffs above Puget Sound where much of Puget Sound is visible.

The Olympics are across the Sound.

 Mount Rainier is to the south,

and so is the rest of Whidbey Island.

The first evening we explored Fort Ebey
(mostly underground and difficult to photograph),
where we watch the sunset.

The obligatory campfire followed.

The next day was spent at Fort Casey and Fort Worden.
The weather started sunny but turned cloudy and cool.

The area is beautiful on a sunny day.

I spent considerable time at Fort Casey photographing shapes and details,
while the school kids explored the fort.

 Later in the day we by ferry to Fort Worden and Port Townsend.

 I was able to get some decent pictures of birds:

a Bald Eagle flying below the bluffs,

and at Fort Casey,
 both male and female Tricolored Blackbirds,

a Violet-green Swallow

 and a Barn Swallow
(the Swallows nest in the fort).

There were not many wildflowers blooming.

I photographed some wild roses in the rain,
but am not sure which of the wild roses it is.

There were also some Beach Peas blooming near Fort Worden.

After a night of rain and a soggy morning we headed home,
stopping at Deception Pass on the way.

The only nature pictures I took there were of the Madrones in bloom
and of a large European Black Slug.


  1. So many wonderful photos!! I especially like the Swallow & Blackbird shots.... And the flowers.... and the lighthouse... Not the slug, though (yuck!) -- though, the shot is technically good ;) As a gardener, I have a real dislike for slugs and when they get bigger than my hand, they're in the realm of nightmares... LOL!

    Anyway, wanted to stop by and have a look at the other photos in the series and glad I did =) Nice work!

    1. I don't have a great love for slugs either, especially in the garden, but we have some unusually large slugs here and they are fun to photograph.


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