Monday, August 11, 2014

Orchid Hunting in Eastern Washington (Part 2)

On our way home from Spokane on June 1st we detoured to the north and visited several places where we had seen different native orchids before.  Our stops were brief since we were somewhat pressed for time, but we had a pleasant day visiting the sites and then traveling home through the mountains.

We did not take a lot of pictures because at one of our stops
the orchid hunting turned into a Morel hunt.
The Morels were everywhere and what we gathered we had for our evening meal.

We did photograph a couple of wildflowers.

Columbia Virgin's Bower

Canada Violet

Heart-leaved Arnica

The orchids we had come to see were:

the Eastern Fairy Slipper

and the Columbia Hybrid Lady's Slipper.

These Lady's Slipper, though some look like the Mountain Lady's Slipper,
others like the Yellow Lady's Slipper, and others clearly intermediate between the two,
are probably all hybrid offspring of the two parents.


  1. Fantastic Ron! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Angel. We visit these locations every year to see the orchids there.


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