Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crescent Lake and the Sol Duc River

Driving across the north end of the Olympic Peninsula on Highway 101 takes you along the southern shore of Lake Crescent, a large lake within the boundaries of Olympic National Park.  The lake is 12 miles long (nearly 20 kilometers) and over 1000 feet deep (305 meters).  We drove past the lake several times and in different weather, stopping at some of the turnoffs for pictures, most of which are my wife's.

Lake Crescent

White-crowned Sparrow

On one of the drives we were on our way to the Sol Duc area of the park.  The Sol Duc River Road heads south into the park along the Sol Duc River, ending near a campground and passing Sol Duc Hot Springs, a lodge where touristy types can stay and use the springs, now nothing but glorified swimming pool.  We passed all of that, except for a quick lunch at the campground and some stops along the river.

Sol Duc River

Unidentified Fungus

Salmon Cascades

Sol Duc Campground

Columbia Black-tailed Deer

At the end of the road we hiked the short trail to Sol Duc Falls and enjoyed along the way the woods, the few wildflowers that were blooming and the odd fungi we found.  By the time we finished at the falls it was starting to rain and we headed back to Port Angeles where we spent the night, passing Lake Crescent once again.  We enjoyed the day in spite of the weather and felt the area warranted another visit.

Nurse Log

Roots of a Fallen Hemlock

The Trail

Lichens and Mosses

Black Huckleberry Flowers

Unidentified Fungus

Orange Jelly Fungus


 Red-banded Polypore

Unidentified Fungus

 Sword Fern

Unnamed Cascades

White Slime Mold

Sol Duc Falls


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    1. Thanks, Linda. Appreciate your visits.

  2. So many beautiful shots of that beautiful region =) If I had to pick of fav. it would be the adorable Sparrow..... I mean, how cute is that pose!?! Oh, and the house right on the river..... Wouldn't that be a great place to call home =)

    1. Thanks for the comments, Fizzie. The Olympics are amazing and we never tire of going there. The only problem is that there's too much to see.


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