Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stimpson Family Nature Reserve

We wanted a place to hike that was nearby and one we hadn't hiked before.  We had heard of the Stimpson Family Nature Reserve and decided to try it, though we are always a bit leery of places that are in the city or very nearby - they tend to be overrun with people, dogs and bikes (the latter two forbidden on the trails of the reserve.  This place wasn't and once on the trail it was difficult to imagine that we were in the city limits.  The reserve is 350 acres near Lake Whatcom and has over six miles of trails.  There is a beaver pond, old growth forest and a small lake.

We had a pleasant hike though we did not find very many wildflowers and no orchids (we know they are there from the person who recommended the place) besides some Western Trillium, some Bugbane and some Salmonberries still in bloom, but we always find something to enjoy and photograph even if we do not find what we are looking for.  The weather was mostly cloudy with rain threatening, but we stayed dry.  The rain started only on the way home.  This is place we will visit again and would highly recommend for day-hiking.


  Lake Louise

Geneva Pond

Common Horsetail

 Turkey Tail Fungus

 Young Red-banded Polypore


Deer Foot

Western Trillium

Western Trillium

Beaver Pond

Red Alders


  1. A place of dreams... a true fairytale forest. Beautifully photographed! Best regards

    1. This is within the city limits of Bellingham and all the more remarkable for that. Didn't expect much when I went there, but it is a place to which we will be going again.


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