Monday, May 25, 2015

Derby Canyon

Derby Canyon lies just east of Peshastin, Washington, and is one of many such canyons in the foothills on the east slopes of the Cascades.  It is a favorite spot of ours for wildflowers and orchids, though we did not see any orchids on this trip.  We drove part way up one of the roads in the canyon and hiked one of the sandstone ridges found in the canyon.

The canyon itself is scenic and provides views of the Cascades to the west.

the canyon

sandstone formations

the Cascades

The wildflowers, especially in the spring, are spectacular.

Modoc Hawksbeard

Mountain Rose

Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Goat's Beard

Wild Rose


Lyall's Mariposa Lily

We saw a lot of butterflies and moths, but were not able to get photos of all of them.

unidentified moths

 Silvery Blues and Acmon Blues

Propetius' Dusky Wing Skipper

My wife takes even more photos than I do and some of these are hers.


And as always there are many other things to photograph.

Lupine leaves



dead Balsamroot flowers


  1. Wonderful series! So many beautiful wildflowers -- besides the great scenery. Especially luv the Lewesias! What gorgeous colors =)

    1. That Lewisia grows only in the Wentatchee area and is one of our most beautiful wildflowers. Thanks for looking, Fizzie.

  2. Hey Ron! I was wondering if you might be able share in more detail where exactly some of these pictures were taken in Derby Canyon? I am hoping to explore the area soon and am particularly interested in seeing the rock formation shown here:

    Thanks in advance!

    -Nathan (Seattle)

    1. Hi Nathan,
      Take the Derby Canyon Road until you come to a fork and then go right and follow the road up past the ridge on the left into a more open are and the formation you wanted to see is up on the hill to your left.

    2. Thanks Ron, I appreciate it! Happy exploring!

    3. No problem. Happy exploring in the canyon, but you should also go in the spring when the wildflowers are blooming.


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