Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Trip to Eastern Washington

One a recent trip to Spokane we made several stops in eastern Washington for photos, though one of our stops, a planned hike was cut short by a phone call about a sick friend.  Many of the photos are my wife's and they were taken across eastern Washington from the Cascades to Spokane.

Chiwaukum Creek


Hooker's Fairy Bells


Large False Solomon's Seal

Red-banded Polypore

Western Fairy Slipper

(this was the only photo my wife was able to get)

the creek

Near Plain

Balsamroot and Lupine

Western Spotted Coralroot

Devil's Gulch

the trail and the scenery


Along the Columbia

near Rockport

the river

Near Medical Lake



Missouri Iris

Phlox and Ponderosa

Ponderosa cones

Large-flowered Brodiaea

 Douglas's Onion


North Cascades

Diablo Lake Overlook


  1. excellent Bobcat capture. Having the camera at the ready is always a challenge. It is moments like that when i realize how slow sleeping cameraas can be.

    1. Thanks, Marti. Wish it had been sharper, but by the time we stopped and got the cameras out I missed it entirely.


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