Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Wet Day on the Lake Ann Trail

My youngest brother, Tim, was in our area for work recently and we managed to hike together three times, once with my wife along.  This was one of our hikes, along the popular Lake Ann trail which starts near the end of the Mount Baker Highway and ends at Lake Ann at the foot of Mount Shuksan.

When we arrived at the trailhead the day was cold and wet with a light rain falling and we decided we would give up the hike for the day.  We had started back when we changed our minds once more and decided that having driven all the way up we would at least hike for a little while.

In the end we hiked almost all the way to the lake and though we saw very little of the surrounding mountains and nothing of the lake we enjoyed the hike very much.  The rain turned everything into a fairyland of crystal drops, autumn color and misty vistas.  It was a great day.

near the trailhead

Sitka Mountain-ash

Corn Lily

Bolete mushrooms


Sitka Mountain-ash


Sitka Mountain-ash

Sitka Mountain-ash


Swift Creek


Red-banded Polypore

Russula mushroom

Swift Creek

more Sitka Mountain-ash


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