Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ashael Curtis and Annette Lake Trails

A few weeks ago we were on our way to eastern Washington and decided to do a bit of hiking on the way since the weather was so nice.  We chose to hike two trails from the same trailhead, first the Asahel Curtis Nature Trail, a very short trail, only half a mile, with almost no elevation gain.  We were happy we did not pass that by since we found along the trail an orchid that we had not seen before in the state, though we had seen it elsewhere, the Pad-leaved Orchis, Platanthera orbiculata.  We even found a few plants with flowers that, though nearly finished, were still recognizable.

Pad-leaved Orchis

We found another orchid, too, the Giant Rattlesnake Orchis, Goodyera oblongifolia, that one also still in bloom.  The main attraction of the trail, however, were the old growth Douglas Firs, Western Hemlocks and Western Red Cedars.  The down side of the hike was the noise from the constant traffic on Interstate 90, something we could not avoid since the trail is very near the highway.  We are used to hiking the back country and used to the quiet there.  In any case it was a worthwhile stroll through an area we had not seen before.

Asahel Curtis Nature Trail

 nurse log

 Giant Rattlesnake Orchis

Finished with the nature trail we hiked away from the highway and the traffic noise along the Annette Lake trail.  This trail was 7.5 miles round trip with 1400 feet elevation gain and it took us to a beautiful mountain lake at the foot of Abiel and Silver Peaks.  There were not many wildflowers still in bloom but the hike was pleasant and took us through more old growth forest, across Humpback Creek with its beautiful falls and across an old railroad grade known as the Iron Horse trail and a popular place for mountain biking.  Finished with the hike we continued on our way.

the trail

Humpback Creek falls

the trail

fallen log bridge

Western Red Cedars

first glimpse of the mountains

Bolete mushroom

Humpback Mountain

Big-leaf Maple

Humpback Mountain


Humpback Mountain

old rockslide



the trail

Annette Lake

Western Hemlocks


  1. Your pictures are breathtaking, thank you for sharing the beauty

    1. Thank you, my friend, for stopping by and commenting.


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