Saturday, March 26, 2016

Snowshoeing to Skyline Lake

On Friday, March 25, my wife and I made our monthly trip to eastern Washington.  We decided to do some snowshoeing on the way and picked Skyline Lake near Stevens Pass as our destination.  Stevens Pass is the pass through which Highway 2 runs from Everett to Leavenworth, Washington, and is one of only two winter routes through the North Cascades.  There was a lot of snow at these higher elevations but a good trail which is also used by skiers and snowmobilers.  We were early on the trail, however, and so had the trail almost entirely to ourselves.  The trail is across from the Stevens Pass Ski Area and can be very busy.

near the trailhead
the Barrier

on the trail

across the pass
Cowboy Mountain

the peaks of Alpine Lakes Wilderness

the ski area and the Barrier

radio tower and weather station


Skyline Lake

views from the ridge beyond the lake

Cowboy Mountain


the lake again and the trek down

 the ski area

near the trailhead

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