Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Wildflowers and Orchids

We managed to get out to look for wildflowers and orchids last week and found both.  We visited a number of favorite places on Fidalgo Island and found the spring wildflowers well along and the first of the native orchids beginning to bloom.

Deception Pass

we spent most of our time on Pass Island under the bridge

the Douglas Firs were producing both their male and female cones
while some of the older cones still hung on

the Pacific Madrones were in full flower

we were surprised at the number of wildflowers already in bloom
Prairie Stars, Gold Stars, Beach Strawberries, Common Camas, Naked Broomrape,
  Northern Bedstraw, Oregon Sunshine, and a few Grass Widows still hanging on

  we also hiked the Bowman Beach trails and found wildflowers there also,
though not so many

Giant Kelp


Oyster shell

Pixie Cup Lichens

more Douglas Fir male cones

Pacific Madrone bark and leaves


Flowering Red Currant

 Red Huckleberry

Blue-eyed Mary

last of all we went to Washington Park near Anacortes
and found more wildflowers, including
Early Saxifrage, Fawn Lilies and Sea Blush

and Columbia Black-tailed Deer, eating everything in sight

at several other locations we found the first Fairy Slippers of the year,
including one white flower


  1. A large variety of pretty spring wild flowers. It is nice that you can identify them. The lichen is pretty also. We still have snow here. I'm looking forward to seeing my flowers. I started photographing some wild flowers in my area last yr. and hope to continue this yr.

    1. Thanks, Thel. Hope you find a lot of wildflowers to photograph. We enjoy them more even than garden flowers.

  2. didnt see the last looked in the usual places. I was up 2 weeks ago and found gold star but no Grass Widows

    1. We found only one Grass Widow, which probably means we were too late. They were blooming in Eastern Washington when we were there a week ago and they're always later there.


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