Monday, September 5, 2016

Brisbane Koala Bushlands

On June 19th some of the family members wanted to go visit downtown Brisbane.  My wife and I decided instead to visit the Brisbane Koala Bushlands on the south side of Brisbane.  We spent a pleasant day there, too, though we did not see any Koalas.

The Bushlands are a network of natural areas set aside for the protection of native fauna and flora.  They are easily accessible and laced with easily hiked trails.  We did two trails, the Stockyard Creek Circuit and the Horse Trail, a total of about 7 km.

Stockyard Creek

The day was sunny and pleasantly warm, we saw a number of new birds and one Wallaby with a baby whose picture we missed.  Mostly we enjoyed the opportunity to be out walking and to see the unusual trees and shrubs, though very few were in bloom.

unidentified trees

 Scribbly Gum

unidentified gums

Pink Bloodwood

 Koala claw marks on Gums

 Broad-leaf Paperbark

 White Oak

Sydney Golden Wattle

 Gray Fantail

 Noisy Miner

 Pale Yellow Robin

 Fuscous Honeyeater

 Laughing Kookaburra

 unidentified plant

 unidentified mushroom


  1. Great shots. Nice trees and shrubs. Too bad you didn't see a koala, but at least you saw his markings. A nice experience hiking in another continent.

    1. Thanks, Thel. Now we have to go back to see Koalas.


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