Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bellingham Walk

Some of our children along with a little granddaughter were here for two weeks over the holidays.  The weather for the most part was dreadful, rainy and cold and dreary, but we did manage to get out twice for a walk in the Bellingham area, once to a little park near the harbor, Maritime Heritage Park, and once to a park on the bay between Bellingham and Fairhaven, Boulevard Park.  We made various other stops as well for pictures of the local architecture and so on.  Our daughter and son-in-law are both avid photographers as well, so at times we had four cameras going.

This first set was taken in Maritime Heritage Park.

These near the park.

These at a nearby construction site.

This on a dead end road near the harbor.

And these in Boulevard Park.

And of course we finished off with coffee - we like our coffee here in the northwest.


  1. the last photo :-D

    start-em young
    start-em right!

  2. I agree, only she's Canadian, so will probably become addicted to Timmies'. It's a shame, but that's the way it is.

  3. Hey --what's this anti-Canadian Tim Horton's bantering going on here? Not nice. We don't knock your coffee establishments!

    I've seen your Flickr photographs (some of them) and you've got enough poems in images there to keep me visually feasted for a while.

    You're pretty amazing Ron--- but the coffee bashing has to stop--it hurts our feelings. Besides you have Canadian family now--even if she's a minor.


  4. Hi Julie,
    Actually when we're hiking in the Canadian Rockies as we often are, the first place we go when we get back to civilization is Tim Hortons. We also visit Timmie's whenever we're across the border.

  5. I am glad to hear that Ron. I don't actually like to spend cold hard cash on Tim Horton's coffee or any store coffee---because I am cheap and drink only home brewed Superstore stuff but I like to think that all American visitors to our fair landscape only drink real Canadian brew.

    I forgot to comment on the shifty looking characters that you have all photographed here and made into a criminal line up of bird life. The birds look like Charles Dickens-type thieves and gang members.

    One of you has--- a poetical eye. That shoe looks really defeated.I would have noted it as well.

    The grandbaby has a very pensive view of life or has she just realized she is awake?

    I like the rust pictures as well. But maybe you were all looking at the whole and not the orange slashes and show?

    Your whole family is talented. When is the granddaughter going to get her first camera?

  6. Julie,

    I did not notice what a shifty bunch they were loitering about so. Now you've made me wonder what they were up to and whether I'm missing anything.

    The shoe was noticed by my daughter and of course we all had to photograph it then. She's nine months pregnant so getting down to photograph it was a real accomplishment.

    The granddaughter has a very pensive view of life - "please" generally refers to food or other comforts and she never complains. She has a toy camera with which she imitates the rest of us.

    As to the rust, there are few things that make such nice pictures as rust and decay and we periodically go up to a place in the foothills that has all sorts of old decaying vehicles.


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