Friday, January 6, 2012

Frosty Mornings

Several mornings recently my wife and I have gone for a walk in the morning after a hard frost and have taken our cameras along in order to get pictures of the frost on the leaves, berries, flowers, fences - on every exposed surface. We were especially intrigued by the way the frost outlined the fallen leaves and emphasized the veins in the leaves. These are some of our pictures.


  1. All so wonderful

    the frosted rolling hills


    I cannot remember the last time we had a morning here with frost. It simply has not been that cold and damp at the same time

    Odd winter

  2. Thanks, Marti. We've had some frosty mornings here but none recently. The weather is indeed strange - seems like we had all our winter early on and that it's more like autumn now.

  3. Hi Ron,

    I’ve never noticed this “outlining” effect of frost before.

    The furry effect of frost on leaves –I had noted –but not the white marker effect—that shapes the forms so accurately.

    Everything appears flagrantly beautiful in your photographs –when the frost does this accentuating of the veins/colors/shapes with the frost marker. I like the photographs where ---- the skeletons of the leaves ---are clearly outlined by the frost--- the best.

    I also liked how the frost “drapes” some of the “skirts” of leaves that are in bunches.

    Some of these leaves look like they are growing cilia. A bit creepy. And the ghostly depositions of ice bits on the leaves to form a second image effect is rather ghostly.

    I’m going to watch for these special effects of frost when we have a stenciling show of snow in Edmonton.


  4. Hi Julie,

    Can tell you are a writer by your comments and use of words. In fact, there's very nearly a poem in your comments and I hope you think about a poe, especially if you have the opportunity to see some of this for yourself.

    Did We abolish Frost
    The Summer would not cease --
    If Seasons perish or prevail
    Is optional with Us --

  5. Hi Ron,

    Love your blog.

    And you are a sweetie for returning the favor by commenting ---on my blog (you don't have to do this you know).

    The photographs on this blog and your other blogs --as I have yapped about before are simply poems in pictures.

  6. Thanks, Julie. I always return all comments. If people are nice enough to comment on my blog then I want to return the favor.

  7. Awesome series of shots! Beautiful and splendid photography!

  8. Thanks, JM. Appreciate the time taken to look and comment. Hope you are well.

  9. A wonderful collection of photographs, with which I could not stay.
    I think I'll make an early exit. a greeting

  10. Thanks, Antonio, for looking and commenting.


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