Friday, January 20, 2012

First Snow

This week we had our first snow of the year and what a week it has been.  Schools were closed all week and everyone pretty much stayed home unless they had to be out.  We probably didn't have more than a foot of snow in all, but we are not very well equipped here to deal with it - roads don't get plowed for days and the plowing, when it is finally done, is poorly done.  We also had high winds Wednesday which made for white-out conditions in some areas and for drifting, and now freezing rain.

Tuesday, my wife and Edward and I got out with our cameras and took a walk to see the snow and get what photos we could.  The day was still and the branches, even the smallest twigs, were carrying their load of snow.  We walked through the little park that follows Fishtrap Creek near our home and then walked on through the neighborhood.  Edward has posted some of his pictures on Flickr,, but these are some of those my wife and I took.

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