Monday, December 22, 2014

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake trailhead is along the North Cascades highway near Washington Pass and the trail loops around to the west behind the Liberty Bell Group of peaks.  In fact, the climbers' trail to the Liberty Bell Group is along the Blue Lake trail.

We hiked the Blue Lake trail on November 7th - took the day off and headed for the mountains.  We left early in the morning to give ourselves enough time for the hike, though in the end it was barely enough after numerous stops for pictures along the North Cascades Highway.

Actually we went first to the Washington Pass overlook and spent too much time there taking pictures (see previous post).  Washington Pass is in the shadow of the Liberty Bell Group and the road snakes around under these amazing peaks.

There was a light dusting of snow even at the trailhead and more snow the further we went.  In fact the trail was very slippery in spots and at one point I fell and banged up both elbows and a knee.  The snow certainly made for some wonderful photography, however.

By the time we arrived at Blue Lake the light was already fading.  We had our lunch there in the ruins of an old log cabin, coffee, ramen noodles and a freeze-dried meal, before heading back down to the car and home.  In spite of the cold it was a very good day.

We saw a number of Gray Jays along the trail, but while we were eating at the lake there were many of them living up to the name Camp Robber.  They did everything but snatch the food right out of our mouths as we were eating, but we did not mind their antics at all.

the trailhead

on the trail

frozen Conifer Coral Fungus and Pholiotas

Laundered Rag Lichen

along the trail

the Liberty Group with Liberty Bell dominating



 Whistler Mountain

Cutthroat Peak

back in the trees

Coral Fungus

 False Pixie Cup Lichens

more snow

the trail

along the trail

Whistler Mountain to the west

 Cutthroat Peak to the west


the Liberty Group

Gray Jay

Alpine Larch


Cutthroat Peak and Whistler Mountain

Blue Lake's outlet

near the lake

Blue Lake

ruined cabin

Gray Jays


back on the trail

last views of the peaks to the west

 and the south

back at the trailhead


  1. Beautiful winter landscapes and a series of wonderful photographs. Hugs

    1. Thanks, Angel. Have a very happy holiday season.


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