Friday, December 26, 2014

Lake Twentytwo

Lake Twenty-two is along the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls, Washington.  It is in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, but south of Mount Baker and the North Cascades National Park.  It is on the shoulders of Mount Pilchuck and in an area we have not hiked very often.

We had taken the day off again and had looked for a hike that was low enough to be snow free.  The highest point of the hike, the lake itself, is only 2400 feet with a mere 1350 feet of elevation gain.  We also wanted a hike that was short enough to finish before dark, though we barely made that.

The hike was a grand success.  There are numerous waterfalls along the trail, some old growth forest, and the lake itself is worth the hike, lying at the foot of Mount Pilchuck.  We took so long on the trail that by the time we arrived at the lake it was already getting dark.

This is another hike we want to do again in better weather and with longer days, but the snow and ice certainly made this hike memorable, though I forgot our backpacking stove and we had to content ourselves with granola bars and other cold food before heading back down.

frost and ice along the trail

unusual ice crystals

old growth forest

 the first waterfall

Western Red Cedar

 Red-banded Polypore

the second falls

my hiking companion

 the third falls


the fourth falls

more old growth forest

 remains of summer flowers

 an open slope

view across the valley

lichens and moss

Red Alders


the trail


 fading light

 ice crystals

 pink lichens

old Western Red Cedar stump


the last falls


 some sunlight


near the lake

Lake Twentytwo

 last light

 the lake

old logs


the lake



frost heave

 the lake

the lake's outlet


 mossy trunk

 last views of the lake

on the way down


  1. Magnificent

    love the old cedar after the pink lichen

    1. This was a great hike, Marti. Hope you have opportunity to do it sometime.


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