Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Heliotrope Ridge

When we climbed Mount Baker in September we went by way of the Heliotrope Ridge trail, but took very few pictures since we were all carrying full packs and were in a hurry to get on Coleman Glacier and as far as possible up the glacier before making camp.  In October I had the opportunity to do the Heliotrope Ridge trail again with a small group of schoolkids, grades six to eight, this time in a more leisurely fashion and with more time for pictures.

The trail is mostly in the woods but crosses several streams, which when they are high are an adventure to cross (lots of wet feet), and finishes on a ridge overlooking the lower end of Coleman Glacier and with fabulous views of the south face Mount Baker.  The wildflowers were almost all finished but there were plenty of fungi and mushrooms and some good autumn color, and we had great weather for hiking in spite of the predictions.

First view of Mount Baker from the Glacier Creek Road.

Conifer Coral Fungus.

 Angel Wings.

 Unidentified Mushrooms.

 View from the trail.


Unnamed creeks.

 Crossing one of Heliotrope Creek.

 Mountain Ash.

Red-banded Polypore

 The ridge to the north of Coleman Glacier.

Heliotrope Creek.

Autumn Color.

Near the end of the trail.

 Coleman Glacier and Mount Baker.

Autumn Color at the ridge.

Mount Baker and Coleman Glacier

The hikers.

 The view west.

 The view south.
(this was the area from which we started our Mount Baker climb)

 The ridge and the rock at which we ate lunch.

Last views of Baker as we headed back down.

More autumn color.

 Heliotrope Creek again.

 The north ridge again.

The trail, autumn color and the creeks.

Kulshan Falls.

Coral fungus.


  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty of the place and for spectacular photos

    1. Thanks for the visit and kind comments. Nicwe to see you around again.

  2. Beautiful place! Bet the kids had a ball =) Gorgeous photos, as always!

    1. The kids are always game for anything that gets them out of the classroom. On this hike they get to jump or wade mountain streams and eat their lunch up on the ridge.


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